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Spoke Too Soon


About all that inactivity during internal meetings? Looks like I spoke too soon. Just got word the Giants signed PK Lawrence Tynes to a five-year deal worth $7 million. Guess that one kick in Green Bay bought the kid a lot.

Ciao for now.

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6 Responses to “Spoke Too Soon”

  1. teetime

    Ouch ! I hope he goes to kicking school this summer for lessons.He needs a lot of work. The ring ,a handshake and a rolex would have been enough.

  2. Paul

    Five years? That’s more than Coughlin will get.

    Speaking of Coughlin- Any golfers out there. To me Scott Hoch and Tom Coughlin look like they were separated at birth. They even have the same mannerisms.

  3. giants fan

    tynes 23-27 during the year and 1 rough game in the frigid lambeu field, however he made up for it by hitting a 47 yarder to win it… good on kickoffs, i like the kid and his agressivness for a kicker.

    giants have a lot of issues guys i think there may be a lot of turmoil this offseasn

    snee wants more money so does osi shockey plax diehl wilson its gonna be a rougher then expected offseason but thats usually the case with superbowl champs cuz everyone thinks because they won a ring they deserve more money

    one thing to be said tho i agree snee needs to be paid did u no hes only gonna make 640,000 dollars this year, hey no complaints ill take it but hes vastly underpaid as he is in my opinion a top 4 guard in the league.

    also i say dump rw(2.5 million due next year)is to much for a old kick returner droughns gone( 1 million in cap) willie joe( 1.5 million in cap) u dump these guys u almost have enough money to sign a pretty legit nfl player.

    if i wear the giants i wuld let go of mitchell and bring in briggs, resign gibril, go after a marty booker type receiver ( just got cut by the dolphins he knows hes looking at a big pay cut might as well go to the champs) and trade shockey and a 2nd round pick in 08 to move up in the draft and pick up a strong safety. the giants r super young if strahan and feagles retire( lets hope not cuz strahan has 2 years left in the tank) the giants will only have 2 players on their roster over 30 sam madison who actually has been playing is best ball as a giant and amani toomer, plus plax pierce and robbins who r 29 and will be 30 by the season. very young team who is a safety another wide receiver for depth and a a fast big play outside linebacker ( which wuld be unstoppable with the pass rushing of kiwi, kiwi and briggs wuld be like a greg ellis demarcus ware combination, sick combo) away from another run at a title.

    go giants

  4. big blue wrecking crew

    the shocker trade would work a team would receive the giants 1 st round pick and they would have 2 second round picks and they would also get shockey, i could seee the chiefs possibly doing that because tony g is retiring, but never mind they need a QB, but teams w0ould be up for that

  5. Del 85

    Give it up, guys. Shockey is staying. Reese
    himself said so a couple times in the last few days.

    Mitchell will stay, too. McQuarters is “iffy.”
    Droughns is “iffy.” They want to keep Wilson,
    and will unless his agent gets too crazy.

    Torbor will stay unless he wants too much. Joseph,
    wow, the forgotten man. Gone.

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