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Not So Quiet Anymore


Well, looks like there’s some Giants news after all. I’ll give you a quick rundown of things as they stand right now.

That Jeremy Shockey-to-New Orleans trade foray was true in that the Saints did call. But the Giants turned them down.p1_shockey2_lahan.jpg In fact, they’re probably going to turn down anybody who isn’t offering at least a first-rounder, which the Saints were not, or a second-rounder plus a starting player and possibly more than that. The thing is, the Giants regard Shockey as still a Pro Bowl-type player who has also, by some accounts, has become the best blocking tight end in the league. To give up that pairing with a still-developing Kevin Boss would be tantamount to suicide at that spot. Undoubtedly, the Giants will get more calls on Shockey, and will listen. But it’s unlikely anything short of the above will pry him away.

The DeAngelo Hall deal is dead for now because Hall is probably going to look for Asante Samuel numbers. If this was a ragtag team trying to move up to the next level, the Giants might make that move. But to hand over $30 million of guaranteed money to a guy who could come in and disrupt team chemistry, plus leap far ahead of those rostered stars like Osi Umenyiora, Plaxico Burress, and Chris Snee who will be looking for a big bump would be a huge headache. If Hall’s numbers come down later, this could still be a possibility.

The Giants are convinced they’ll lose Gibril Wilson and Kawika Mitchell, the latter of whom could be headed to Buffalo for $3.5 million per year. That’s more than the Giants want to pay him. They’re hopeful of getting Derrick Ward back for a year or two at a reasonable price, and Reggie Torbor could return, too, if he doesn’t find any riches out in the open market.

As far as outside free agents, the Giants have contacted agent Drew Rosenhaus about Jacksonville’s 32-year-old safety Sammy Knight. They think they can get him for a couple of years at $1.5 million per year, but a visit to Giants Stadium hasn’t been settled yet. They like this guy because, when healthy, he’s a smart guy who can make calls back there and would be a good, short-term answer for losing Wilson while Michael Johnson develops.

That’s it.

Ciao for now.

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13 Responses to “Not So Quiet Anymore”

  1. Rich

    Ernie—latest news is not good…Wilson probably gone…Mitchell IS gone to Buffalo and Torber too to Miami…Not superstars, but definitely key players…Who plays LB? Does Reese reach out to Briggs?

  2. big blue wrecking crew

    mitchell and torbor r gone wtf y arent the giants trying to retain any of their players what do they plan on doing with the money they have, god only knows how long untill wilson his gone

  3. Mike

    I’d be wicked happy if Sammy Knight Signs on ! .. We could use a nice LB though ! .

  4. musclemenace

    Samuel is in the mix for a 5 year, 47 million dollar deal witht the Birds – not that $30 million dollar in guarantees, 10yr/$100 million previously mentioned.

    I think this can once again improve our chances with Hall. We shouldn’t have to break the bank on him. A 1st round pick and a restructured contract for the 24 yr old should suffice.

  5. Paul

    Remember the old days when teams actually stuck together after winning it all. I don’t know. If my team had just won the Super Bowl I would have a difficult time leaving for a team that was far inferior. Yes, the money is good, and you can only play for a certain number of years, but I wouldn’t want to have regrets about it later after I retired.

  6. Jay

    Is there any news on who the Giants might interested in at LB? Considering the team has lost both Mitchell and Torbor, there has to be some plan correct? That would leave the Giants with just Pierce, Wilkinson, Kiwanuka, and DeOssie and I have to believe that DeOssie isnt really anything more than a special teams player. We could really use some depth.

  7. Nick

    When you’re the champs, this kind of action is what is to be expected. With the exception Wilson which might be more important to replace (but will be), Torbor, Mitchell, and Ward were solid players that Reese will replace with other solid players. There was a very good chance that neither Mitchell nor Torbor would have made the starting lineup next year and Ward was 3rd on the depth chart at RB. We just haven’t seen the identities of the “Mitchell 2008 versions” for these guys.

  8. Jay

    Who will be our starters next year if Torbor or Mitchell wouldnt have made the starting rotation?

  9. Nick

    Wilkinson & Kiwi—Younger, more speed and a better upside! Reese’s job is to now find the 2008 Mitchell models that will back these guys up. As Ernie just pointed out, their looking at Knight from JAX (no slouch of a defense) to bridge the gap for Johnson and whomever they draft to develop. He’s going to find the same type of folks at OLB—- Spygate aside, welcome to the Patriots model of operating. When Vinetari got too cap $$$$$, they went out and got a young kicker. Those saved cap $$$ were used elsewhere.

  10. steve

    I feel the Giants can make up these losses in the draft. Picking up Dan Conner from Penn St. will fix the LB problem. Mitchell was good but not great.

    I am not worried at all. These players were easily replaceable and no worth the money (Wilson for example) they got with their new teams.

    bu bye….

  11. James

    If the saints would have got shockey, things in the new orleans saints offense would have been 1st rated. But it won’t happen because the Giants want to much for a guy with a busted leg.

  12. twins boxing gloves

    I dun recall how I got here LOL but cool blog ;)

  13. Pete


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