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Another Question


I’ve been reading a lot of theories about how the Giants can strengthen their secondary. Of course, not that Sammy Knight isn’t a bad addition—he’ll probably start in place of the departed Gibril Wilson—but I just can’t see fiddling with Aaron Ross by moving him to safety, as some suggest.

Another theory offered is moving wide receiver and Super Bowl hero David Tyree to safety, which would be a totally new position for him. I’m not saying he wouldn’t try it—Tyree’s a team guy. And he certainly has the time on his hands to do it since, as a fourth receiver, he caught only about four passes the whole season. But he would, in effect, be a rookie back there.

Corey Webster’s name has also been thrown around for safety depth. And, of course, there’s always R.W. McQuarters, a guy who can play all over the place.

I’m a traditionalist. I say just draft another guy and develop him, ala Michael Johnson. But that’s just me. What do you say? How would you address the depth at safety. And are you comfortable going with a starting twosome of James Butler and Sammy Knight, as the depth chart appears to stack up right now?

Maybe you could throw in a name or two if you want to draft the guy. Whatever. We’re open to everything here.

Looking forward to your opinions.

Ciao for now.

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17 Responses to “Another Question”

  1. mike h

    3 players come to mind at pick 31…..kenny phillips , reggie smith are both solid and could might a instant impact…..another name to consider is antoine cason who is also in talks to be a safety with his ball hawking skills…...1 of these 3 could easily be there

  2. Richard C

    I would rather draft a sfety and develop him instead of switching Tyree.

  3. Craig

    I’m with you, Ernie. Let’s use the safeties in the safety role and the corners in the corner role. Our depth right now isn’t bad, so there’s no urgent need to do anything drastic.

    Moving Tyree is an awful idea because he wouldn’t be a rookie, he’d be lower than a rookie having never played the position before. No matter what people think of James Butler, he’s certainly better than a guy who’s never played safety

  4. B-Reed in Syracuse

    I think it would be a huge mistake to move anyone out of their natural positon, and that includes Tyree. I live in Syracuse and have watched Tyree play for quite a long-time and don’t think he could ever make that transition. Also, take it from someone who has watched him play for about 8 years, he is a better pro reciever than he ever was a Syracuse.

    We need to draft a saftey for depth, have Sammy Knight start, and let Butler and Johnson fight it out for the other saftey spot, we not in that bad of shape…

  5. Russ

    Hey Ernie …hows the offseason treating you? The first safety I saw that I can remember playing for the Giants was #43 Spider Lockhart. I think one of the 2 starting safeties on the Giants is the current #43, Michael Johnson. I believe he has the tools to be a good one.

  6. Rich

    I hated the way James Butler played in some games last year, but when I looked at his measurables, he has great size for the position…so maybe he’s a project that the team can work on and turn into something good.

    Sammy Knight, on the other hand, is at least smart. Michael Johnson may be able to play better as well, so I’m not too worried about the Safety position. If the Gmen are in a good position to draft who might be the ONLY good safety of the draft this year, Kenny Phillips, I think they will take him in a second. That’s doubtful though, because you have to assume that none of the other 29 teams in the first round need a safety.

    If Webster can stay semi consistent to the level he played at the end of the year last year, he’s way too valuable as a corner to move to safety. Ditto for Aaron Ross, who is so consistent he is a must to start on one of the sides. Moving R.W. or Sam Madison sounds much more likely and doable to me – you need a heady vet who is an average corner to make it a smooth, worthwhile transition.

  7. Brian

    I wouldn’t move Ross to safety. He showed too much as a corner to change his position. Webster was actually benched last season after playing – or should I say attempting to play – safety. He was horrible. He played well at corner down the stretch so moving him doesn’t make much sense. We should draft a safety or pick up another veteran through free agency. If we had to move someone I would move Tyree. The guy can obviously tackle as he is one of the best special teamer’s in the league. He isn’t gonna see much paying time at WR unless we are hit with injuries so moving Tyree would seem to make the most sense.

  8. Paul

    I agree with you Ernie. Also, one of the things the Giants learned this year is that quality backups are vital at every position. These quality backups enabled them to win the superbowl. The lack of these backups the year before cost them a chance of making it beyond the first round.

  9. Ed

    Draft and develop. If the Giants keep McQuarters maybe they can work him in back there, but he’s not a real answer. Tyree? That’s nuts.

  10. JINT

    it’s not as silly as you think lil chickie, when you realize that Troy Brown played more than adeuately in spots at corner a few seasons ago

    .... I been saying all along OLINE is our first priority, than LB and CB depth , especially OLINE with the league hungry for pass rushers and we too should take one pass rusher as well, but WE NEED TO BEEF UP THE RUN GAME AND The line!

    ***#1st and foremost OLINE

    ——>But Tyree is buried …..our starters Plax and Toomer at #1 AND #2, @ 3rd reciever and slot back Steve Smith, deep threat = D Hixon and 4th is = Moss where ever he is #5th!

    • it isn’t that crazy, Tyree can tackle as shown on special teams, and I been saying all along you can spot stick a big corner at FS.

    you can also sub Wilson and Johnson and McQuarters and draft possibilty it isn’t that dire as OT, LB , CB depth

    Sam Baker OT
    Charles Godfrey CB or Antwon Moldem CB
    Bryan Kehl LB
    Jason Jones DE or Jeremy Thompson DE
    Darnell Terelll CB
    Matt Spanos C-OG Zackary Bowman KNB~ OR Shannon Tevaga OG

  11. PHIL

    I say switch RW TO safety. He does not have the speed for corner but hus ball skills are good (that catch in TBAY in the playoffs was great).

    I am for drafting a linebacker in round 1 not a safety. I think you can pick a bigger corner in the lower rounds with the idea he can be a safety.

  12. Mike

    The Giants need to draft the best saftey available on draft day .

  13. Gfan

    I commend your efforts to spur discussion during the doldrums between FA and the draft but Tyree to Safety? Really? When you say “some have suggested” don’t you mean you have suggested? Is this coming from any sort of inside source or anything? Tyree has admitted to having one of the worst verticals on the team. I think height and vert are things you need at the FS position. A more interesting thought would be to move R Dub to FS full time and fill his spot with a rookie if one of the top Safetys eludes us come draft time.

  14. LathamJoe

    Leave Ross and Webster alone – good CBs are scarce. The jury is still out on Webster, but perhaps the late season play has given Corey the confidence he needs to develop into what was expected of him.
    There are still a few young FA safeties (CC Brown, Houston and Abdullah, Broncos) available as well as a few older experienced guys – Cooper, Panthers and Kennedy, Lions for Reese to sign.
    Draft CBS and LBs and a safety to compliment Johnson.

  15. KMS2008

    Like the Sammy Knight signing a lot, and I agree with those who suggest that Michael Johnson (either now or soon) has what it takes to be a starting safety in this league. Additionally, don’t forget that – if we don’t acquire satisfactory depth via draft, FA, etc by then – there is always the potential to pick up a decent veteran after the June 1 cuts.

  16. Thomas Robust

    Either draft Kenny Phillips, DeJuan Morgan, or as a second round pick Josh Barrett. DeJuan Morgan might also fall into the second round but probably not where the Giants will be able to get him. But don’t switch Tyree or something like that.

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