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Good news, bad news for Burress


What do you want first?

Plaxico Burress spent a little time at the hospital today after the sore neck showed no real improvement. He got the once over, and the report is no structural damage. That is the good news. Burress was not able to practice and has to be considered questionable for Sunday’s game in Pittsburgh. That is the bad news.

“They say there’s nothing bone, no vertebrae, nothing like that,” Tom Coughlin said. “He’s very sore, still stiff today. The reason all of the tests were made is because he continued to have this stiff neck and issues along those lines. We thought it was down in the trap where it started from, so we wanted to rule everything out. All I got was on the field, that there was nothing of the nature of any vertebrae or anything like that, all muscle.”

Burress was in the locker room, but he didn’t stop to chat.

David Diehl came off the practice field early, just as a precaution. His back spasms have relented.

“Take care of it early and get ready to go,” he said. “If anybody knows me, they know I’m not going to miss any games. I’m not going to miss anything. That’s it. Plain and simple. It’s real easy.”

Antonio Pierce went full speed ahead for the second day in a row, so he’s probably set to go. David Tyree wasn’t at his locker, but it sounds like he suffered a hamstring injury. Coughlin brought it up while discussing the decision to cut Andre Woodson, mentioning they didn’t have enough receivers for practice. Expect Woodson to be picked up again next week, by the way.

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