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Jacobs takes a knee


Brandon Jacobs spent most of the second half standing around on the sideline watching Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw finish what he started.

In all, the Giants piled up 207 yards rushing.

So much for the Baltimore defense. Jacobs believes it could’ve been a lot worse for the Ravens, who came in allowing 65.4 yards per game.

“It was supposed to be a lot more than that, but due to technical difficulties, or due to one bad wheel and one 265-pound guy not being able to be out there, it could’ve been a lot worse,” Jacobs said.

From the sounds of the postgame, Baltimore coach John Harbaugh didn’t exactly see it that way.

“Besides those (long) runs, we played good, tough, run defense,” he said. “They blocked three plays really well, ran three plays really well.”

Either way, Jacobs only carried the ball twice in the second half.

“He took a shot on the knee and he is sore, very sore,” Coughlin said. “So we are going to have to go through the whole routine.”

Jacobs played it down in a big way.

“It wasn’t bad,” he said. “I could’ve went back out and played, but we’ve got two other backs in there and there was no need to get out there and do that.”

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