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Hibernatin’ No More!



Well, that was a nice year’s sleep. Could have grabbed a few more days, too, if not for that nightmare — Lawrence Taylor quick-stepping with the lovely Edyta on Dancing with the Stars. Cripes! Thank goodness I slept through that other one about a recession. Some things are just too unbelievable to stir me from a good slumber.

Old Ern’s back, though. And as you might have guessed by now, I wasn’t really sleeping. Let’s just say I was indisposed. I’m not going to go into the gory details because, hey, why bring such a downer to such a happy day. I will give one hint, though, in the form of a public service announcement. Here goes:

If your doctor says you might want to look into an issue through one of those uncomfortable tests they’ve devised, run, do not walk, to get it done. It might save your life.

Get the idea? Good, because that’s the last we’re going to mention it here. Last I looked, this was still the Giants Journal. So, starting right now, we’re going to resume our conversation about the World Champion Giants. What? Oh, yeah, that was a year ago. OK, we’re going to talk about the gun-toting, thigh-shooting, newly-deep-on-the-defensive-front, transformed-quarterback Giants, whose 12-4 success and playoff stumble were expertly chronicled here by Mike Dougherty and a host of others. And let me express here and now my deepest gratitude to Mike, Jane McManus, Josh Thomson, and all others who contributed to this blog for keeping it and the conversation going in my absence.

Mike did a particularly fantastic job, turning himself from a basketball guy into a football guy. For that alone, he gets a bazillion-mouse click salute. Just don’t wish him farewell yet. He’ll still be around. The thing about helping me out is that you’re never truly free after that.

For all who expressed concern for me, thanks ever so much.

Now, let the hibernation end for good, and let the conversation continue apace.


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