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Hibernatin’ No More!



Well, that was a nice year’s sleep. Could have grabbed a few more days, too, if not for that nightmare—Lawrence Taylor quick-stepping with the lovely Edyta on Dancing with the Stars. Cripes! Thank goodness I slept through that other one about a recession. Some things are just too unbelievable to stir me from a good slumber.

Old Ern’s back, though. And as you might have guessed by now, I wasn’t really sleeping. Let’s just say I was indisposed. I’m not going to go into the gory details because, hey, why bring such a downer to such a happy day. I will give one hint, though, in the form of a public service announcement. Here goes:

If your doctor says you might want to look into an issue through one of those uncomfortable tests they’ve devised, run, do not walk, to get it done. It might save your life.

Get the idea? Good, because that’s the last we’re going to mention it here. Last I looked, this was still the Giants Journal. So, starting right now, we’re going to resume our conversation about the World Champion Giants. What? Oh, yeah, that was a year ago. OK, we’re going to talk about the gun-toting, thigh-shooting, newly-deep-on-the-defensive-front, transformed-quarterback Giants, whose 12-4 success and playoff stumble were expertly chronicled here by Mike Dougherty and a host of others. And let me express here and now my deepest gratitude to Mike, Jane McManus, Josh Thomson, and all others who contributed to this blog for keeping it and the conversation going in my absence.

Mike did a particularly fantastic job, turning himself from a basketball guy into a football guy. For that alone, he gets a bazillion-mouse click salute. Just don’t wish him farewell yet. He’ll still be around. The thing about helping me out is that you’re never truly free after that.

For all who expressed concern for me, thanks ever so much.

Now, let the hibernation end for good, and let the conversation continue apace.


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35 Responses to “Hibernatin’ No More!”

  1. Neil Best

    Welcome back, Ernie P. Now you can reclaim your rightful place batting cleanup in the coaches vs. writers game.

  2. Ralph Vacchiano

    Thank God you’ve returned. Nobody could figure out how to make coffee in the press room in your absence. Hallelujah! And welcome back (P.S.: They only asked LT to be on Dancing with the Stars after they learned EP was “indisposed”). It wasn’t the same around here without you.

  3. Sid_Rissi

    Welcome back young fella. Tough as nails, just like the Giants D!
    No disrespect to the kid who took over the blog, he did an excellent job, but I missed your writing.

  4. ChrisS

    I’m first and foremost a die hard RANGERS fan(for better, but probably worse)- Rick suggested we stop by and so here I am welcoming you back to the frustration that is New York sports. Take care and God bless.

  5. NYjets(sorry, I know)

    Not much of a “G-Men” fan, but a Rangers/lo-hud fan. Just wanted to say welcome back and am glad everything is alright now.

    PS: Osi is one of my favorites…..

  6. Chris

    A big NYR fan…but wanted to welcome you back. Happy to hear you are feeling better. Take care.

  7. teetime

    Welcome back Ernie,
    Plax needs your guidance ,look what happened in your absence,
    Mike and the other writers who covered for you did great job,they never missed a beat or deadline, so watch your back.

    So , do the Giants grab a wr and rb ,lb in the draft?

  8. Ed

    Welcome back, Ernie! You were good to me when I started at Big Blue View, and I’m glad you are well.

  9. Tom W.

    Ernie – from old underling of your esteemed sportswriting tutelage (as Art Rust Jr. might’ve put it), welcome back to the beat!

  10. bigbluefan

    No one’s happier than I am to see the Big E back at the blog. . .gotta admit, the guy has a way with words. . .keep at it!

  11. Artie-Art

    Hey Ernie, welcome back!! I’m sure you’re happy to be addressing NYG issues and not health issues. All us Giants fans are now better off now that you back covering our favorite football team!!! So, let’s get to it; when is Plexiglas gonna get his legal issues addressed?

  12. E.B.

    Welcome back, Ernie!!! I haven’t read a word about the Giants since you left. They’re still the Super Bowl champs, right? Just wanted to make sure. Oh, and Strahan is still an overrated pansy who’ll never amount to anything. He should replace LT on Dancing With the Stars. He’s prissy enough for that. Or maybe something even more girly—like starring in a sitcom!

    You are The Man, Ern. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

  13. Starks

    Welcome back Big Ern.

  14. Mike Garafolo

    I think I speak for all of us on the Giants beat when I say dinners on the road and at training camp just weren’t the same without you housing 16 oz. of USDA prime beef in 3 mins. And, as Ralph mentioned, everyone else in the media room is also apparently incapable of making a decent cup of coffee. Plus, who’s gonna complain about a cold cioppino when you’re not around? Nobody. That’s who.

    Oh, and who knows? It might even be good to have you writing and blogging again. ;)

    Welcome back, champ.

  15. Joba the Great

    Welcome back, Ernie—we were worried about you around here.

  16. billynj1

    Ranger Fan here, just wanted to say Welcome Back Ernie.

  17. Alex Cestaro

    WELCOME BACK my friend!!! U were greatly missed. i hope all is well and your recovery goes like the 2008 Super Bowl A WIN !! Sincerely,Alex.

  18. Pat Traina

    This is by far the best news I’ve read all week. Looking forward to your return!

  19. M. Strahan

    Now that you’re back, I’ve got a place for you in my sit-com. You’ll be playing the role of my handsomer half-brother who gets all the good-looking women, leaving me with the crazy ones. George Clooney was going to play that role, but he’s out now that you’re back.


    P.S.: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are on me!

  20. sal from yonkers

    welcome back looking foward to see you at training camp.

  21. NICDIP

    Welcome back Ernie. Way to battle and thanks for the advice. I’m a big Ranger and Giant fan. I guess you could call me a Giant Ranger fan. Enough, I know. But I was on Carps Ranger blog site and saw his note so I thought I’d welcome you back.
    Now get to work and snag us a big time WR!!

  22. NY Rangers Examiner

    HUGE Rangers/Giants fan here, Welcome Back Ernie!!!

    Looking forward to seeing your coverage on the G-Men this year!

  23. PL

    Welcome back, Ernie!!!

  24. Eric

    Welcome back Ernie. I’ve never read this blog before as Ralph Vacchiano just turned me on to it. I’m glad your health issues are seemingly over and I wish you the best.

  25. phil

    You were missed.
    Mike kudos for a nice job with the online chats though…

  26. Touchdown Blue

    Welcome back Ernie!
    Looking forward to reading your Giants blogs once again.

  27. el

    welcome back, there’s a spot open at WR depending on how fully recovered you are. wait – you weren’t out for shooting yourself, were you?

    i’m another NYR reader from Carp’s Rangers Report – looking forward to the NYG coverage and being addicated to another blog at Lohud. great to have you back in action.

  28. scotthawaii

    Welcome back Ernie, good to see you healthy and ready to go.

  29. Dan Benton

    Welcome back, Ernie. Good to see you back in the saddle!

  30. TrueBlue63

    Welcome Back, we can always use another great source of info on the only team that really matters.

  31. Fred

    Welcome back Ernie .Missed you at the games this year .We always asked for you by the bubble after the games .See you up in albany .

    Your friends from Ozone Park ,Queens

  32. Plax

    If you had been here watching my back like always, I wouldn’t have been packin’ that night at The Latin Quarter, you know what I’m sayin’? And I wouldn’t have this hole in my thigh right now and facing 15 in the house, know what I mean? So welcome back, my man. But I’m sorry to say your return is a little too late to help me.


  33. Scooter

    Ernie – this is the best news I read all day. Welcome back! We’re all looking forward to read what you think about a busy offseason and an exciting 2009 draft.

    And thanks to Mike – who was very solid in your stead.

  34. Mark

    Great to have you back Ernie and glad you’re well.

    The Giants slipped by some PSLs while you were away and since you weren’t around to go the nightclub with Plax, things went terribly wrong.

    Now we can get things back on the right track.

  35. Nud

    Hi Ernie!! Great to see that you are back. You have been missed! So very glad to hear you are in good health.


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