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Burress “Remorseful”


Looks like Plaxico Burress put on the old dog-and-pony show for a grand jury looking into his illegal firearms charges this morning. He testified for three hours, and later told reporters that “I was truthful. I was honest. I am truly remorseful for what I’ve done.”

His attorney, Benjamin Brafman, said “He asked the grand jury for compassion and understanding. It took a big man to come here today and acknowledge his responsibility.”

Yeah, especially when he’s facing a couple of three years in a small cell at Riker’s Island. As for those who contend he only hurt himself, I wonder if Burress did his old friend Antonio Pierce a solid by letting him off the hook for spiriting the gun out of the Latin Quarter after Burress shot himself in the thigh.

Pierce could face criminal charges, too. And even if he doesn’t, the commissioner has the right to impose a suspension or fine for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. So you see, again,  that Burress didn’t just hurt himself.

A decision on whether or not to indict will come down at some undetermined point.


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