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Nicks not done


Just got an e-mail from Peter Schaffer, the agent for the Giants’ first-round wide receiver Hakeem Nicks. Didn’t say much about whether he’ll make it to camp on time.

“Working hard every day,” Shaffer said. “We shall see.”

Nicks is one of three draft picks that are left unsigned, with second-round linebacker Clint Sintim and second-round tackle Will Beatty being the other two. Heard that Beatty was close, but messages to his agent have gone unanswered as of yet. I’m trying to get something on Sintim, too.

By the way, it shouldn’t be too hard for Nicks to get in. The Bills completed their negotiations with their first-rounder Eric Wood, who was taken a spot earlier, No. 28, than the 29th pick Nicks. He’s got a five-year deal. Shouldn’t be too hard to slot Nicks, but these things generally take until the last minute and sometimes beyond as the sides hammer out the fine print.

Woods missed seven practices. I’d be surprised if Nicks misses that much, if any.


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