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Giants report


The Giants have reported to their University at Albany training camp, bringing with many of them what has become traditional acoutrements: large screen TVs and gigantic chips on their shoulders.

Now, I’m going to do a little full disclosure here. I’m not up there. I’m enjoying the constant drizzle and general ickiness of this area’s wet weather for various reasons far beyond my control. So I’ll be keeping in contact with my colleagues to interpret any big events that go on.

Today should be a quiet one, however, considering all are present and accounted for. Not a rookie holdout or disgruntled veteran holdout in the bunch. Which is good, because running back Brandon Jacobs sounded like they’ll need everybody as they once again circle the proverbial wagons against the outside world.

“I like the most that people are counting us out like they do every year,” Jacobs said. “Because we don’t have Plax and all this other stuff, we can’t do it, these young receivers can’t pan out, the veterans at receiver that we have can’t get it done, Plax is a special talent and it’s hard to find someone like him anywhere.

“But we have a lot of guys here that can play well enough to get the job done.”

Not exactly the opening shot of the Battle of Saratoga, but you get the idea. And thanks to Mikey G. for the quotes.

I’ll try my best to keep you updated on events from here. If nothing else, you’ll get some good humor here, so stick around.


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