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Blurred Vision


The NFL’s vision gets awfully blurry when there’s a buck at stake. Then again, that’s an old song. The only new thing here is the Giants’ newest deal with the Connecticut State Lottery.

The $5 scratchoff game, which will bring grand-prize winners $50,000, would seem to be a venture into gambling, something the league says it neither encourages nor condones. In fact, the honchos have always been reluctant to even recognize the billions of dollars that pass hands illegally every year through those little sheets with the numbers on the side that say “For entertainment purposes only.” Yet, the owners have no trouble now allowing their teams to partner with state-run gambling operations (after all, that’s what the lottery is, isn’t it?) that generate billions of dollars in revenue.

The owners voted for licensing agreements with state lotteries at their meeting May 19-20. Since then, a number of teams have negotiated with lotteries for brand placement.

Just seems to me that if you’re against gambling, you’re against gambling in any form. Then again, when you’re trying to raise a few hundred million to finance that new stadium, hitting the lottery might be just the thing.


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