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Offensive woes


Sounds like Tom Coughlin is getting a little impatient with an offense that has had several big drops and interceptions over the first three practices.

WR Steve Smith, the real go-to guy in this young pack of receivers, had a couple of drops this morning to go along with some general unit-wide issues like assignments and consistency. Though it’s still early, Coughlin said time’s a-wasting.

“It’s obviously not in midseason form,” Coughlin said. “It’s early, but I’m not very patient. I’d like to see some progress. On offense it’s got to be more than good play, bad play. We can make a big play everybody remembers. But to me it’s ‘Come on back and let’s get the next play. What are we going to do now? Let’s feel good about making a big play, but let’s make another one, not turn around and go backwards.”


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