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A hell of a ride


Well, I guess you can tell this hasn’t been much of a blog for a while. In a few days or weeks, as is my understanding, it likely will cease to exist all together. The paper is changing its philosophy and, apparently, neither the Giants nor I fit into it.

Today is my last day at The Journal News. They’re laying off a whole bunch of us, and I’m headed for Chapter 2 of my life after 33 years here. It’s a bit sad, but I’m actually excited to see what the next step brings. And I’ll leave here not with bitterness, but with some good feelings about the people who took the time to read and write their feelings in this blog and read my newspaper articles through the decades.

You know, there’s a saying that goes “It’s not about the destination. It’s about the ride.” Well, now I see the truth in it. Nobody who works in the newspapers ever wants to get to this place. But economics and other factors have led us there. All that remains are the memories. And for me, after 20 years on the Giants, I have plenty of great ones—of the people, the players, the stories. Hey, my last game—before illness cost me the 2008 season—was the greatest Super Bowl ever played. Hard to top that.

But others came close, and they weren’t all with the Giants. Rodney and Scooter McCray and the rest of the 1977-78 Mount Vernon basketball team, the greatest of a golden era of Westchester hoops; Pleasantville-Dobbs Ferry Class C sectional football in the snow; the late Rodney Abrams of Woodlands High crying his eyes out under the County Center stands after a sectional upset; Doc Gooden’s no-hitter—ON DEADLINE, for God’s sake!

Lawrence Taylor chasing quarterbacks and, yeah, putting his hand around my throat. Not my proudest moment, but a moment nonetheless.

One flashback in particular sticks with me today. It was some time in the late ‘70s, and Ardsley had just won the State Class C baseball championship. The team had flooded the field, hugging, rubbing heads, slapping butts. But there in the dugout sat the winning pitcher, all alone, tears running down the little junkballer’s face. For the life of me, I can’t remember his name.

I asked him what was the matter.

“I don’t want to take it off,” he said. “The uniform. I’m not going to play in college, so this is it. This is the end for me. And I don’t want to take it off.”

Now I know the feeling. I don’t want to take this one off, either. But that’s life. Things end, other things begin. And something tells me I’m going to be around for a while longer, just doing something different for someone else. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I have the memories. Thirty-three years of doing what I loved, 20 years of covering a team I loved covering every moment, even during the bad ones. Loads of colleagues, who I’d prefer to call friends.

Hell of a ride, I’d say.

Thanks, guys.


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78 Responses to “A hell of a ride”

  1. Rich

    Be well, Ernie, and thanks for your abundant contributions over the years. Ciao.

  2. Gene

    Best of luck, Ernie!

  3. Ralph Vacchiano

    I hope all your readers and your bosses at Gannett understand and appreciate what a terrific reporter and talented writer you are. I’m certain all your colleagues do. And I know I do. It’s been a pleasure to compete with you and share the experience with you on the Giants beat the last 15 or so years. You were a big part of making my work day fun. And I’m proud and honored to call you my friend.

    The press room won’t be the same without you, especially since nobody can operate the coffee machine.

    Best of luck to you. Shame on The Journal News. I know where ever you land you’ll be on your feet and in a better place.


  4. Brennan

    Thanks for your coverage of the Giants. I have spend many hours reading your articles over the years. With your departure, my time reading the Journal News will also come to an end. Not like they care. They dont have a place for you or for the Giants. I dont have a place for them.

    Good luck and have fun!

  5. John Fennelly


    You will be missed by Giants fans everywhere


  6. Beerbelly13


    You were the only reason for a NY sports fan to read the Journal News. Be sure to sound off on where you land.

  7. Ken Copen

    Good Luck Ernie, i only recently got a chance to start reading your stuff as a NYC resident for much of my life, but the sports world and Giants fans will miss having a dedicated and committed voice to read. Hopefully you will just land somewhere else online somewhere soon. Link us!

  8. Ari

    Hey Ernie,

    Thanks for the great work, you always helped make the giants real when i was growing up.

  9. Brian

    I, along with what I suspect are many, many many other Giants fans, will miss your work. Good luck with whatever you do next.

  10. Pete

    Thanks Ernie! Be well.

  11. Alex Cestaro

    Ernie,ty for all the great work u have given us over the yrs,You are a credit as a writer but more important a credit as a man I remember meeting u outside yankee stadium and you writing about my son and him missing school for opening day,but his grades were great and it was a tradition that u understood and wrote so gracefully about. Your coverage of our beloved Giants was the BEST,Remember seeing u many times near the old bubble pulling in for another Sunday game,always friendly and professional ,what else can I say ,,you will be missed !your friend,Al and Alex

  12. Chrispy

    Raw deal. Good luck going forward Ernie

  13. Ray Lazzaro

    Sorry to hear of your situation. You were missed last season and this will be a big loss for all Giants fans. Good luck and I hope you land in a better place.

  14. Ed

    Thanks so much for being the ultimate professional.

  15. Ed

    Best of luck, Ernie. This truly is a shame.

  16. Neil

    Thanks, Ernie. You will be missed. I can’t think about going into another Giants season without you guiding me through with your brilliant wit and journalistic integrity. I wish you well and hope that you surface again doing what you do best!

    Take care,

  17. AB

    Addio, Ernie. Big loss in Giants land.

  18. Nud


    I ahve read your work on the Giants for a number of years. Thanks for everything! Good luck in the future as this will end up being a blessing in disguise.

  19. Scott V

    Thanks Ernie for the decades worth of insight and information for our GMEN.

  20. John W

    Good luck and God Bless Ernie!

  21. ed lake

    sorry to hear – good luck ernie, thanks for all the great coverage of great sporting events.

  22. Darrel K

    i wish you nothing but the best.
    God bless.

  23. Brian A

    Thanks for everything, Ernie. This is the first Giants blog I ever followed and I will miss it greatly. Good luck in whatever comes next!

  24. Mark

    Best of luck, Ernie, thanks for all the scoops and insights over the years. Why don’t you get in touch with nfl.fanhouse.com, they seem to be hiring lots of ex-journo types.

  25. The Indian

    Ernie: You are absolutely the best—one of the friendliest, classiest, most professional writers I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a press box with. Whatever happens next, it will be good—and I know you’ll continue to smile your way through life. You’re a friend for all time.—The Indian

  26. Fusionhead

    Best of luck Ernie from one of Ralph’s regular bloggers. I hope that you will join us there from time to time, it would be an honer to share comments with you.


  27. BigEfan

    Knowing what a crappy, cheap company Gannett is, read this blog while you can, cuz it will be down before you know it. . .but all you Big E fans keep Google-ing and checking Ernie’s name on Facebook and Twitter. . .perhaps his Giants blog will resurface in another shape and form. . .let’s hope so, cuz Ernie’s too good to be silenced!

  28. Mike

    Best of luck to you

  29. Patti Traina

    Truly a sad day for the Giants beat. Although we’re competitors to a degree, we were like one big family and I feel like our “family” has just lost a one of its members.

    Be well and keep in touch. We will miss you!

  30. Joey L

    Good luck Ernie. Media hopefully will always have a place for talented writers.

  31. Nancy

    This is a huge loss for Giants fans who have come to depend on Ernie to give them quality persective and insight, from an experienced, talented and responsible reporter. Ernie, you’re one of the best NFL writers I know. Your dignity and class shows in your final column to your loyal readers. Your next move will be a great one! All my best to you.

  32. Peter T

    If the powers that be are reading this it would be appreciated by readership if you gave us some indication of what will happen to this blog and don’t simply abandon it like you did the Knicks blog for six months.

    Best of luck in the future Ernie, you were always great to read.

  33. BostonGiant

    Thanks for all the valuable Giants coverage Ernie. I bookmarked this blog only a few months ago and checked it daily, and I know regret that I didn’t know of it sooner. Your writing will be missed. Best of luck.


  34. DT

    Sorry to hear the news, Ernie.

    I enjoyed reading your stories when you filled in for Pete at the Yankee games.

  35. SB42

    I only found this blog a couple weeks before the greatest super bowl ever and bookmarked it immeaditly. Missed you last year and will continue to do so. Would love to see you on your own blog or somewhere else covering the Giants. No matter what though, I wish you the best of luck in all future endeavors. You were a much better sports writer than anyone the Journal News has now. If only you could do Giants and Yankee beats forever….

    Thanks for the stories.

  36. Nick in SF

    Ernie, I also know you from your guesting on the Yankee side. You’re a class act all the way. Best of luck.

  37. Frank

    Once a great writer; always a great writer. Look me up when you are able to turn to your next favorite subject…

  38. Thrillington

    Good luck, Ernie!

  39. John in Minneapolis


    I’m a former Mt. Vernon and later Eastchester/Tuckahoe kid, now living in Minneapolis. I will miss you and your fabulous take on the Giants and all of Westchester sports. Please ressurect your career and keep us in the loop with your great take on the local sports scene.

    Too bad that the Journal News/Ganett dosent get it but we are all better for reading your stuff over the years. Thanks, hang tough and bring us something even better in the future. I will be googling for your new writing from Minneapolis.


    Thank You.

  41. Becca

    I know you from subbing in for Pete Abe at the Yankees blog. Best of luck to you in the future. It’s a shame what’s happening to the newspaper industry…

  42. Ben

    Very classy. You will be missed.

  43. Matt

    Thanks a lot, Ernie, for your hard work over the years. I’ve been reading your stuff for at least 20 years and genuinely thank you for all the insight you have provided. Best of luck in your next endeavor.

  44. Lowell P

    Ernie, Ralph V. turned me on to your blog only a few months ago. I am sorry I discovered you so late and that I missed 20 years of great writing about my Giants. Good luck and please let us know where you land.

    Lowell P.
    Atlanta, GA

  45. Norm

    Ernie –
    Loyal Giants fan reading you from the Windy City – thanks for the hard work and look forward to whatever you do next. May the wind be at your back.

    Chicago, IL

  46. Ed H.

    Ernie, I too know you from your work subbing for PeteAbe. I’m sorry about what has happened and want to wish you all of the best.

  47. Pat G

    Always loved your work, Ernie. A classy guy like you deserved to go out on your own terms, but ah well. Good luck in this new chapter of your life…

  48. matt

    Thanks Ernie. Good luck wherever you land.

  49. TouchdownBlue.com

    Ernie, it’s sad to see ya go.
    You provided us all with some of the best Giants info over the years.
    Best of luck on your next adventure!

  50. Russ


    Take care Ernie and thanks!

  51. Death of a Westchester Newspaper

    Yet another nail in the coffin of what used to be The Journal News. Soon you will be able to buy the Journal News at supermarket stands next to all of the other rags.

  52. chris

    Thaks for all your hard work EP…...This paper sucks for letting you go….

  53. Rick

    I know we’ll be hearing from you soon in the Westchester area. I played on that Dobbs Ferry team you mentioned in 1984 – the Class C bowl game in the snow versus Pleasantville, 20-18.

    You’re certainly one of the good guys and a gem in this business. I’m sorry you have to go through this, but I and many others look forward to following you in your new venture.

    Best of luck!

  54. DVF


    Sorry to see you go. Thanks for the memories. You’re a great writer!

  55. FlGMenFan

    Thanks for all your hard work. It was appreciated! Good luck in whatever life brings you next. God bless.

  56. Derek

    Ernie – I sincerely enjoyed reading your column and blog over the years. It’s a real shame. I don’t think I’ve ever written on any other person’s blog – - and I was so impressed and delighted when you actually looked into my question and answered it.

    I hope you land somewhere else and can continue to share your views. I’d be happy to follow along if you set up your own website!!!

  57. ~SJ

    Thanks for everything Ernie… Your coverage will surely be missed…

    Thank you!!!


  58. phil


    I am saddened by this change of events. I first stumbled on your column in 2006 and loved your perspective on all things Giants. I am glad you are feeling better and can move on to another chapter.

    We will miss you -Ernie..

    Go giants.

  59. Big Blue

    Thanks for the good time Ernie. Your coverage of the Giants will be missed greatly. Reading this blog had become a routine for us Giants fans. Reading your work was truly a pleasure. Please do keep us informed about your future. I;m sure a smart sports editor will surely pick you uo soon. Your former bosses will realize they are making a mistake.
    Good luck and thanks once again.

  60. Rich Cimini


    You may have covered the Giants, but you’re the real giant. That was a touching farewell column. You will be missed. Best of luck.

  61. Tom Watson

    Hey Ernie, thanks for teaching me to write on deadline (along with Bill Murphy).

    I think I sidebarred you on that P’ville Class C game – the snow erased the line down the center of my reporter’s pad – the one you taught me to draw for covering football games, with plays on either side.

    The paper’s much poorer for your departure. Doesn’t seem like there’s much of a business there any more.

  62. Fitz


    Have to echo Watson – learned a lot working with you on Central bureau. Remember when the paper was so busy that they exiled us to the office suite down the road the main building (along with Sales.) I still get a laugh every time I think of that place – we had the run of the place each night – Hurlman, Dittmeier, McCourt, Anderson, myself. What a crew you had to manage … or at least try to referee.

    All the best with Phase II – keep in touch.


  63. Sec. 128


    I’ve been reading you since 1986 and through my various moves around the northeast—to Chicago—then to Boston thanks to the ‘net. The (Tarrytown) “Daily News” featured tremendous coverage of the ‘86 Giants and the ‘86 Mets. You were a big part of it. Thanks, and make sure Vacchiano or someone drops a note on where you’re heading next.

  64. California G-Men Fan

    Thank you Ernie. You are a phenomenal reporter, blogger, and writer.

    Best of luck,


  65. Colour1

    Say it aint so!!!! we were just on with Jane on the web-cast!!! You are one of the finest writers this city(tri-state) has ever had!!!I was told that “cuts” were coming but this is just out-right “Stupid”!
    I to know how it feels to be let go at the top of my game, you sit there and say “WTF” was that all about????
    Mike “D” has my e-mail address, stay in touch! Drinks on me!! Thanks for the great memories!

  66. Mike

    sorry to hear about that Ernie.. just got layed off myself . .

    BEST of luck !!!

  67. Tom K

    All your readers know what a gifted writer and reporter you are, Ernie, but I’d like to add my voice to that smaller chorus of folks (Tom W, Fitz . . . did I miss anyone) who had the opportunity to work under you as entry-level reporters.

    You showed that great talent can be matched with being a great person. It’s a bad sign for the Journal News that they would make a decision like this . . . I hope it works out for the best, as things often do. You deserve it.

  68. John T

    Thanks for all your work! The landscape has changed but the need for quality journalism has not. I am sure you will land on your feet soon – hopefully following the Giants.

    There are a well read Giant blogs out there that do nothing but “cut and paste” what you guys write…maybe one of these new media outlets will realize that will not cut it in the long run…and will hire a traditional journalist? Best of luck to you sir and hang in there. Post your new spot on MG or RV’s Blog when you can…so us Giant junkies can continue to read your take on Big Blue.

  69. onecupin69yearsand counting

    Lot’s of Luck and good health Ernie!

    I think there ’s a book somewhere in your brain.

  70. musclemenace

    Best of luck EP! Hope to read your works again in the near future!

  71. Ralph Vacchiano

    Hey everybody! Look: Ernie’s back!

    Check out his new Giants blog here:


  72. Joe

    Thank you for contributing to the only entertaining Giants blog. You are the only writer who doesn’t write the usual ra ra go giants garbage. Thank you for saying what needed to be said, not what we wanted to hear. Best of luck on chapter 2.

  73. Colour1

    I just posted on Ernie’s new blog!!! It’s easy and quick!!
    I hope to see most of you there, you guys made this blog thing fun with Ernie!!!
    Now we have to step it up for the cow-girls! we looked soft in the second half against the “skins” I hate Dallas!

  74. Colour1

    I’m not sure if you’re still checking on this blog, but if you are my cousin Harry from Eastchester said hello and that he too is sorry to see you go!!! He told me great stories how you interviewed him in the lated 70’s when Eastchester had a BIG power house football team!! Thanks for the great memories!

  75. Dee

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  76. Farewell

    Ernie, this is a crushing blow. After reading your stuff for over 20 years I confess to having started to take you for granted. You were a constant and reassuring presence, like breathing or that morning cup of coffee and then whoosh, just like that they pull the rug out from under you. Not fair but as you know as well as anybody, that’s life. Good luck to you and your family…I’m sure you will land on your feet and, hoipefully, find a place where you will be appreciated.

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